Name:   Labidochromis sp. "Hongi"

Synonym:   Labidochromis sp. "Kimpuma"

Common name:   Red Top Kimpuma

Location:    Near Hongi Island, Lake Malawi

Adult size:    4 inches (10 cm)

Diet:    omnivore


Personal notes:  Labidochromis sp. "Hongi" is a rock-dwelling cichlid (mbuna) from near Hongi Island in Lake Malawi.  You will occasionally see this cichlid referred to with the common name "red top kimpuma", although that name seems to be dieing out. (Some hobbiests refer to them as Labidochromis sp. "kimpuma" which is the name used commonly in Europe.)  Since this fish is not yet officially classified yet, I suppose both names can be considered equally correct for now.   I purchased a single male in 1996 and later bought a colony of juveniles in 2010.

I've kept this species twice now and the pictures above and below are of the colony I purchased at a club aiction in 2010.

And above are several of the females


Below is the adult Labidochromis sp. "hongi" I purchased in 1996 as a juvenile.  Since I had no digital camera at that time these pictures were taken six years later in 2002.

The hongi shown below is around six years old.  At 5 inches long he is a bit longer than the hongi are supposed to grow.  His color and his stripes come and go quite a bit depending upon his mood.   In the picture below he is in a relaxed mood which is much more typical than the pictures at the top of this page.

As you can see there is some color variation in the two groups I've had.   Commercially, these line breeds are being called the SRT (Super Red Top) kimpuma.  Note that my hongi do not have any stripes continueing into the dorsal fin.

This article talks about the "super red" and the fact that it is a line bred species.


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